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We are one of the leading and most recognized Slovenian companies in the field of corrosion cathodic protection.
We offer comprehensive and sustainable solutions to corrosion problems, from development, project documentation, implementation to supervision and professional and high-quality maintenance of cathodic protection systems.
Our solutions preserve the value and security of your investments.

Cathodic protection of metal structures

We specialize in cathodic protection of metallic structures in all environments and regardless of the transport medium.

Electrical installations in hazardous areas

We have many years of experience and provide execution of all types of electrical installations.

Lightning protection

With proper installation of lightning protection, we successfully protect your facility from dangerous voltage.

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At our company, we strive for constant development. With a carefully prepared development strategy and a well-defined company policy based on vision and new competencies, we achieve good business results. Over the years, we have expanded and gained important business partners with whom we still cooperate today.

Environmental protection

The policy and business practices of our company reflect our social responsibility towards sustainable business operations for many years, and our responsibility towards our employees and other important stakeholders. With transparent and ethical behavior, we contribute to sustainable development. When carrying out projects and services, we consider environmental protection goals and the need to preserve nature in accordance with the law.


We ensure the health and safety of our employees in their work and provide them with training for safe work practices. We take into account the provisions of standards regarding procedures, instructions, quality policy, environmental policy, and occupational health and safety policy.


Reliability, satisfaction, and trust of our partners are our most important values. We provide individual support and advice to each client in all phases of the cathodic protection project. We are also available later to assist our clients for further steps.


Expertise, knowledge, and continuous education of our employees are the references of our company, which reflects in the quality of our employees and consequently in the success of the company. When managing projects, we consider Global and European SIST EN ISO standards, technical requirements and legislation.


We offer sustainable and high-quality services with a responsibility for flawless operation in accordance with regulations. We guarantee timely implementation according to the agreement, expectations and wishes of the client.