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CPS d.o.o.

was founded in 1990 and has developed into the leading cathodic protection company in Slovenia. We provide reliable corrosion cathodic protection of pipelines, tanks, onshore constructions, sea-going vessels, reinforcement in concrete, from projects and equipment delivery to installation and maintenance. We are also capable of the most demanding technical solutions in the field of Electrical installations in hazardous areas as well as grounding systems and lightning protection. Our protection systems extend the lifetime of your investments. The main mission of our company is human safty, clean environment and preserving the value of your investment.
With cathodic protection we extend the life time of your investment. Even in the worst enviroment.

CPS d.o.o. services:

  • Technical design, consulting and engineering
  • Implementation and monitoring of protection systems
  • Installation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems
  • Electrical installations
  • Electrical measurements and maintenance
  • Supply of equipment
Protective systems are only as good as the equipment and staff that installs and maintains it.

Some of our clients

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